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In 2005, Cal/OSHA modified their existing lockout/tagout standard to include written, machinery-specific steps (procedures) for repairing, servicing, and restoring equipment.  These steps were designed to prevent injuries and reduce hazards in the workplace. 

Locked for OSHAExamples of equipment that would require machinery-specific procedures include: air compressors, forklifts, processing equipment, manufacturing equipment, refrigeration equipment, dairy equipment, etc. In fact, almost all equipment found in the workplace falls within this standard.  Failure to develop machinery-specific procedures and to properly train employees, as well as outside personnel (contractors, visitors, vendors, etc.) on your lockout/tagout program may result in OHSA citations and high penalties. If a serious injury occurs, there may be additional consequences beyond workers’ compensation costs.

The Control of Hazardous Energy standard (also known as Lockout/Tagout or Lockout/Blockout) does not permit checklists or standardize procedures.  Each procedure must be machinery-specific: identifying controls, energy sources, methods for repairing, servicing, and restoring of machinery back to normal operations. 

Sample Reports

emGee Software Solutions has built a cloud-based software system, including over 500 machinery specific templates to assist employers with their compliance. The application is coded in PHP with a MySQL back-end, and utilizes AJAX technology to improve useability.


  • User Manual: This manual is complete and well written with images and graphics included
  • Automatic Updates: Updates are built-in and seamlessly incorporated.
  • Pricing: Much cheaper to use than off-the-shelf databases software. Subscription based (think of simply renewing a magazine subscription).  Competitors offer binders or databases stored on your computer at very high costs and almost no updates. Stop wasting your money and come over to the cloud!
  • Unlimited Secure Access:  Unlimited, secure access anywhere in the world with Internet access. No need to install anything! Going away (vacation, business travel, working from home) and still managing your company just got simpler.
  • Unlimited Users: Administrators can add/remove employees, contractors, etc.
  • Unlimited Facilities:  Employers with multiple facilities can view all of their facilities in one convenient location
  • Unlimited Machinery: Add thousands of machines and machinery photos.
  • Unlimited Photos: Upload thousands of pictures of machinery, controls, energy sources, employees, logos, etc.
  • Machinery Templates: Over 500 machinery templates to save you hours of time getting started
  • Document Manager: Upload owner’s manuals, facility maps, schematics, designs, wiring diagrams, etc.
  • Training Manager: Maintain training files, sign-in sheets, tests, certifications, for every employee from hire to departure
  • Company/Employee Master: Maintain employee records, company data easily
  • Master Calendar of Events: Keep all important dates in one location which can be shared with all designated employees
  • Drill-down Access: Go down to the department or even the closet level (sub-storage areas).
  • PDF Reporting: Automatically creates pdf reports for consistant formatting and reporting
  • Customizable: Built in controls, energy sources, magnitude, and other components can be customized
  • Machinery Tracking: Track lockout records and maintenance work performed
  • Backups: This program is stored on a designated server which performs automatic backups
  • Free-up your Computer: You do not need to store photos, files, etc. on your computer.  Free up space and speed
  • Customize for your Company: Upload your logo and get started immediately.
  • Brokers, Outside Consultants, Insurance Carriers:  You will love the ability to manage/assist all of your customer’s lockout programs in one location.  With our ‘Client Login’ you can set up accounts for all of your customers and provide them ‘User Login’ access.  You can have hundreds of companies using the cloud-based software under your control.  Provide value to your customers while simplifying the process for you.

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Price: $500 per year

Free one-month trial period

Client Login

Brokers, Outside Conultants, and Insurance Companies can manage their users from the Client Login


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OSHA Regulations

Note:  Many states have their own OSHA approved plans.  In addition to the Federal regulations, check with each state your business operates in to ensure you are complying to their specific regulations