emGee Software Solutions Custom Database Applications

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Diamond Logistics Operations (DLOps) is a Freight Brokerage Software Solution that I developed for the exclusive use of Diamond Logistics, LLC.

Diamond Logistics, LLC. is a third-party provider of logistics solutions that endeavors to match carriers with shippers for a fair price and excellent service built on integrity and open communication.

Freight Brokerage SoftwareDLOps is coded in PHP with a MySQL back-end, and utilizes AJAX technology to improve useability. Each user has an individual uersname/password that allows access to the application from any internet-connected computer. Maintenance screens allow management personnel to control access to authorized personnel.


  • Different User-Levels that provide different levels of access within the application
  • Lead Management
  • Notes can be entered for each Lead, as well as scheduling follow-up Notes
  • Follow-up Calendar and reminders
  • Manage shipments from Quotes through Delivery
  • Notes for each shipment are automatically generated at each step in the process
  • Print Invoices
  • Customized Reports
  • Assign Shipper Accounts to specific Brokers
  • Print Carrier and Shipper Confirmation Letters
  • Manage personnel by placing them in teams and Groups
  • Each user has a dashboard that helps them keep track of their tasks