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Behind the Screens with Jerad Bitner

Lullabot - Mon, 02/26/2018 - 00:00
Lullabot's newest Development Manager Jerad Bitner talks transitioning from developer to manager, what's the story with VR in the web, and be on the lookout for Sirkitree P.I.
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Dries Buytaert: Posting my phone's battery status to my site

Drupal.org aggregator - Sun, 02/25/2018 - 17:56

Earlier this month, I uninstalled Facebook from my phone. I also made a commitment to own my own content and to share shorter notes on my site. Since then, I shared my POSSE plan and I already posted several shorter notes.

One thing that I like about Facebook and Twitter is how easy it is to share quick updates, especially from my phone. If I'm going to be serious about POSSE, having a good iOS application that removes friction from the publishing process is important.

I always wanted to learn some iOS development, so I decided to jump in and start building a basic iOS application to post notes and photos directly to my site. I've already made some progress; so far my iOS application shares the state of my phone battery at https://dri.es/status. This is what it looks like:

This was inspired by Aaron Parecki, who not only tracks his phone battery but also tracks his sleep, his health patterns and his diet. Talk about owning your own data and liking tacos!

Sharing the state of my phone's battery might sound silly but it's a first step towards being able to publish notes and photos from my phone. To post the state of my phone's battery on my Drupal site, my iOS application reads my battery status, wraps it in a JSON object and sends it to a new REST endpoint on my Drupal site. It took less than 100 lines of code to accomplish this. More importantly, it uses the same web services approach as posting notes and photos will.

In an unexpected turn of events (yes, unnecessary scope creep), I decided it would be neat to keep my status page up-to-date with real-time battery information. In good tradition, the scope creep ended up consuming most of my time. Sending periodic battery updates turned out to be difficult because when a user is not actively using an iOS application, iOS suspends the application. This means that the applications can't listen to battery events nor send data using web services. This makes sense: suspending the application helps improve battery life, and allows iOS to devote more system resources to the active application in the foreground.

The old Linux hacker in me wasn't going to be stopped though; I wanted my application to keep sending regular updates, even when it's not the active application. It turns out iOS makes a few exceptions and allows certain categories of applications – navigation, music and VOIP applications – to keep running in the background. For example, Waze continues to provide navigation instructions and Spotify will play music even when they are not the active application running in the foreground.

You guessed it; the solution was to turn my note-posting-turned-battery application into a navigation application. This requires the application to listen to location update events from my phone's GPS. Doing so prevents the application from being suspended. As a bonus, I can use my location information for future use cases such as geotagging posts.

This navigation hack works really well, but the bad news is that my application drains my phone battery rather quickly. The good news is that I can easily instruct Drupal to send me email notifications to remind me to charge my phone.

Scope creep aside, it's been fun to work with Drupal 8's built-in REST API and to learn some iOS application development. Now I can post my phone's battery on my site, posting notes or photos shouldn't be much more difficult. I'm guessing that a "minimum viable implementation" will require no more than another 100 lines of code and four hours of my time. My current thinking is to go ahead with that so I can start posting from my phone. That gives me more time to evaluate if I want to use the Micropub standard (probably) and the Indigenous iOS application (depends) instead of building and maintaining my own.

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aleksip.net: Improving Drupal’s minor version upgrade experience

Drupal.org aggregator - Sun, 02/25/2018 - 10:43
Twice a year the new Drupal upgrade model makes me both excited about new features and worried about the possibility that the sites I maintain will break. I think there are some ways how the upgrade experience could be made better.
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Spinning Code: Using Composer for Drupal Modules and Private Bitbucket Repos

Drupal.org aggregator - Sun, 02/25/2018 - 10:07

The next installment in my ongoing set of posts to create a public record for things I couldn’t learn in one Google search is a process for using composer to track a Drupal 8 module in a private repository.

It’s pretty common for Drupal agencies to have a small collection of modules they have built in-house and use on nearly all client site, or to have a module built for one client that has many sites. We are all becoming adept at managing our projects with Composer, but the vast majority of resources are focused on managing publicly available code via packagist. But there are times the kinds of internally shared modules cannot be made fully public (for example they may contain IP belonging to the client). We have one such client that needs a module deployed to dozens of sites, and so I sat down a few weeks ago to figure out a solution.

We use Bitbucket for our private repositories, I am sure there is a similar solution using GitHub, but I haven’t worked out its details.

  1. Create private repo for module on Bitbucket.
  2. Clone that repo locally, and structure it to match Drupal.org’s conventions (this probably isn’t required, but should allow your module to blend into the rest of the project more smoothly).
  3. Create Oauth token for your account in Bitbucket. Make sure to include a dumy callback URL; you can literally use http://www.example.com. If you see references to auth.json, don’t worry about that part yet.
  4. Add a composer.json file to the module’s repo (it only requires module name, type, and the branch alias, but it’s good to include the rest): { "name": "client/client_private_module", "type": "drupal-module", "description": "A very important module to our very important client.", "keywords": ["Drupal"], "homepage": "https://www.bitbucket.org/great_agency/client_private_module", "license": "proprietary", "minimum-stability": "dev", "extra": { "branch-alias": { "8.x-1.x": "1.x-dev" } }, "require": { "drupal/diff": "~1.0", } },
  5. Add reference to project composer.json repositories section: { "type": "package", "package": { "name": "client/client_private_module", "version": "dev", "type": "drupal-module", "dist": { "url": "https://www.bitbucket.org/great_agency/client_private_module/get/8.x-1.x.zip", "type": "zip" } } }
  6. Now just run composer require client/client_private_module, and provide the oauth creds from step 3 (note: the first time you do this composer will create the needed ~/.composer/auth.json)
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(Live/Online)..Arsenal vs ManCity Live Stream soccer League Cup Final 2018

Drupal News - Sun, 02/25/2018 - 07:37

(Live/Online)..Arsenal vs ManCity Live Stream soccer League Cup Final 2018
CLICK HERE=> http://vvcworld.com/live-soccer/

CLICK HERE=> http://vvcworld.com/live-soccer/
Arsenal vs Manchester City Carabao Cup final 2018: When is today's
Palace vs Tottenham Hotspur first up before Man Utd vs Chelsea at 205pm and then the big final Sit back and enjoy or bookmark this page and return on matchday to follow every kick at Wembley with our live blog Get a NOW TV Sky Sports Day Pass for just £799 and stream Arsenal vs Man City live .

Arsenal vs Man City: TV channel live stream squad news & Carabao
Manchester City and Arsenal lock horns in the first big final of the English football calendar when they face off for the Carabao Cup at Wembley on Sunday
Arsenal vs Manchester City: LIVE stream Carabao Cup team news

CARABAO CUP final  Arsenal and Manchester City go headtohead at Wembley Here's all you need to know ahead of the game
Man City vs Arsenal LIVE Carabao Cup final predicted line up kick off
Manchester City face Arsenal in the Carabao Cup final at Wembley stadium
Arsenal vs Manchester City Live Stream Free  TOTAL SPORTEK
Watch every Arsenal match live streaming links here for the 201718 season vs Everton Norwich City Swansea Tottenham and Manchester City Online

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(Live/Online)..Man United vs Chelsea Live STream Free Soccer Epl 2018

Drupal News - Sun, 02/25/2018 - 06:10

(Live/Online)..Man United vs Chelsea Live STream Free Soccer Epl 2018
CLICK HERE=> http://vvcworld.com/live-soccer/

CLICK HERE=> http://vvcworld.com/live-soccer/
Manchester United v Chelsea: Premier League.
Minutebyminute report: Can Antonio Conte get one over on José Mourinho? Find out with Nick Ames
Manchester United vs Chelsea Live Stream  TOTAL SPORTEK

live Streaming of Manchester United premier league 201718 matches right here starting with game against FC Basel and Man City
Man United vs Chelsea LIVE streaming latest score: Premier League
Manchester United vs Chelsea LIVE latest score: Premier League 201718 goal updates TV how to watch online team news lineups at Old Trafford  Chelsea could end the weekend outside the Premier League's top four should they fail to beat Manchester !

Live coverage follows the conclusion of Palace vs Spurs at 2pm on Sky Sports Premier League and Sky Sports Main Event Alternatively you can bookmark this page and return on matchday to follow every kick with our live blog Buy a NOW TV Sky
Man Utd host Chelsea in the Premier League fixture at Old Trafford and Paul Pogba and Eric Bailly are expected to start
Man Utd vs Chelsea LIVE score updates at Old Trafford | Daily Mail
Manchester United take on Chelsea in an eagerlyanticipated Premier League showdown at Old Trafford on Sunday afternoon Join ADAM SHERGOLD for live coverage

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Ryan Szrama: When Drupal friends become family

Drupal.org aggregator - Sat, 02/24/2018 - 12:31

Many of my longest friendships were born in the Drupal community. I’ve been attending DrupalCons, Drupal Camps, and other events since DrupalCon Barcelona 2007 and centered most of my professional life around contributing to the project as a developer and a teacher. In 2010 that included serving as a mentor in the Google Summer of Code program for a new contributor who wanted to work on Drupal Commerce’s affiliate module, bojanz.

Bojan Živanović and I got to know each other that summer through many IRC chats and coding sessions. After he completed his project successfully, we met at DrupalCon Copenhagen and celebrated at McDonald's. I sure knew how to treat a friend!

I later convinced him to join Commerce Guys’s development team based in Paris. He served on our client services team before diving head first into Commerce Kickstart 2.x development and then creating a whole suite of modules to support usage based billing for subscription services like Platform.sh.

Around DrupalCon Austin in 2014, it appeared Bojan's mission with Commerce Guys might be complete. However, I saw an opportunity for him to develop further as a leader in our company and community. I was already busy leading client services with our U.S. team and then with acquiring and refocusing Commerce Guys around Drupal Commerce. It made perfect sense to me to appoint him to be project lead for Commerce 2.x.

That decision has served Commerce Guys and Drupal Commerce well over the last several years. Bojan brought renewed vigor to the project and discipline around competitive research and automated test coverage that far exceeded my own. He's also proven to be an able mentor in his own right, helping dozens of contributors and whole agency teams learn Drupal 8 development in general and Commerce 2.x development in particular.

Today is Bojan's birthday, and reflecting on our almost 8 years of friendship has obviously made me sentimental. At our first meeting in Copenhagen, my daughter Éowyn was just taking her first steps and wouldn't ever remember meeting Bojan. Today she sees him regularly during company Zoom calls and his occasional visit to our home in Greenville, SC. He's not just some random person from daddy's work, he's Uncle Bojan and a trusted friend.

We're all wishing you a happy birthday, Bojan, and we're grateful for your years of contribution and leadership in our midst. I'll have to hit the 2.x queue this evening to send you a birthday present disguised as a patch.

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[Watch/Rugby]** Six Nations 2018 Live Streaming On Free (Game) Online TV

Drupal News - Fri, 02/23/2018 - 11:25

[Watch/Rugby]** Six Nations 2018 Live Streaming On Free (Game) Online TV....[Watch/Rugby]** Six Nations 2018 Live Streaming On Free (Game) Online TV

Watch Now : Six Nations Game 2018 Live On Free [Click HERE]

NatWest 6 Nations 2018 Championship Live | Home  Six Nations

Feb 14 2018  Stay up to date and follow all of the Live action in the NatWest 6 Nations Championship 2018 This features each of the 15 individual matches during the championship including Previews Match Reports Galleries Videos and LiveBlogs
Live on TV  NatWest 6 Nations Championship  Six Nations

10022018 1415 1415 Ireland Ire 56  19 Italy Ita ITV FR2 TV3 DMAX NBC 10022018 1645 1645 England Eng 12  6 Wales Wal ITV S4C FR2 TV3 DMAX NBC 11022018 1500 1500 Scotland Sco 32  26 France Fra BBC FR2 TV3 DMAX NBC Round 3 23022018 2100 2000 France Fra v
Six Nations 2018 France 1315 Ireland Wales 347 Scotland  BBC

Feb 3 2018  Summary Final score France 1315 Ireland; Johnny Sexton clinches victory with monster dropgoal; Fulltime score Wales 347 Scotland; Leigh Halfpenny scores two tries in a 24point haul; Champions England face Italy in Rome on Sunday; Get involved #bbcsixnations Live Reporting; Vote
Six Nations 2018 fixtures Dates TV channel live stream and teams

8 hours ago  SIX NATIONS fixtures for the whole of the 2018 tournament including kickoff times and TV coverage for every game

Feb 11 2018  THE SIX NATIONS is one of the most exciting elements of the British sporting pitting England Scotland Wales Ireland France and Italy against each other over a sixweek period

3 hours ago  PUBLISHED 1528 Fri Feb 23 2018 | UPDATED 1528 Fri Feb 23 2018 France vs Italy Live stream TV channel kickoff time and Six GETTY France vs Italy Live stream TV channel kickoff time and Six Nations team news The two teams have since 2007 competed for the Giuseppe Garibaldi Trophy
France v Italy Six Nations 2018 live score updates  The Telegraph

27 mins ago  Good evening everyone welcome to our coverage of the Six Nations match between France and Italy
Six Nations Championship 2018 | How To Watch Live Online

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Matt Grasmick: Stranger in a familiar land: Comparing the novice's first impression of Drupal to other PHP frameworks

Drupal.org aggregator - Fri, 02/23/2018 - 07:37

Drupal 8 adoption is flagging. Why? I tried to lay my biases and assumptions aside and set out to find the answer. What I found suprised me.

I decided to perform an experiment. Placing myself (as much as possible) in the shoes of a senior developer without any Drupal experience, I attempted to get a new "Hello World" site up and running in four different PHP frameworks: Wordpress, Laravel, Symfony, and Drupal.

I set a few ground rules for myself:

  • Start at square 1. Google "Drupal" (or Wordpress, etc.).
  • Use only information found organically via my Google search and subsequent clicks.
  • Take the path of least resistance. In other words, choose the easy way when more than one option exists.
  • Avoid the command line when possible.
  • Time required.
  • Number of clicks in web browser.
  • Number of CLI commands run.

I do not claim that this…

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Drupal News - Fri, 02/23/2018 - 05:10


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Drupal News - Thu, 02/22/2018 - 22:36


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[Espn-on] BYU vs Portland 2018 Live Stream NCAAM Basketball Watch College Basketball Game Online Web TV

Drupal News - Thu, 02/22/2018 - 18:31

[Espn-on] BYU vs Portland 2018 Live Stream NCAAM Basketball Watch College Basketball Game Online Web TV


Watch Portland vs BYU Live Stream College Basketball Online TV
Watch Portland vs BYU Live Stream NCAA College Basketball Feb   Watch BYU vs Portland live stream NCAAM Portland vs BYU live streaming Portland vs
LIVE  PDX v BYU Basketball Live Online NCAAB Men Espn MBB Tv

BYU Cougars vs Portland Pilots ESPN College Men Basketball  Live Stream Portland vs BYU Cougars Live Stream BYU Cougars vs Portland Pilots Online Stream Portland vs BYU ESPN College Men Basketball  Online Stream BYU vs Portland BigTen Online stream Cougars vs Pilots MBB Live Stream
BYU Cougars College Basketball  BYU News Scores Stats Rumors
BYU Basketball BYUbasketball The Cougars will play their final road game of the regular season TONIGHT at Portland at pm MST in the Chiles Cent… twittercomiwebstatus… h
BYU vs Portland  Game Summary  February    ESPN

Watkins hits the hardwood with apparent leg injury Penn State sophomore Mike Watkins appears to injure his right leg early in the first half against Michigan He'd head to the locker room with some assistance All College Basketball News
EspnLiveBYU vs Pepperdine Live Stream NCAAM  Sutori
EspnLiveBYU vs Pepperdine Live Stream NCAAM Basketball Watch Watch Live Here bptwsoblogspotcom Watch Live Here bptwsoblogspotcom  mins ago  BYU Cougars College Basketball BYU News Scores Stats Rumors CLICK TO WATCH LIVE STREAM BYU Cougars College
BYU Men's Basketball  Official Home of BYU Athletics

Elijah Bryant lifted the BYU men's basketball team to a  victory over Pepperdine in overtime at Firestone Fieldhouse Thursday night  Full Story playcircleoutline Haws leads  Men's Basketball Feb  PM BYU Portland Portland OR TV Live Stats  FEATURES  BYU men#;s basketball preview
Men's Basketball Schedule  Official Home of BYU Athletics
Live Stats Nov  Saturday  PM MST Mississippi Valley State University logo Mississippi Valley State Provo UT BYU logo Marriott Center W  Preview · Box Score · Recap  livetv Stadium College Basketball · BYU Radio  Sirius XM  BYU  University of Portland logo Portland  Provo UT BYU logo
Brigham Young Cougars  NCAA Basketball  CBSSportscom

SAN DIEGO AP Isaiah Pineiro came off the bench to score  points and San Diego defeated BYU  on Saturday snapping a fivegame losing streak to the Cougars February    am Bryant helps BYU holds off Pepperdine  in OT MALIBU Calif AP Elijah Bryant scored nine of his  points in
FREELIVE BYU vs Pepperdine Live Stream Free Basketball
Watch Live BYU vs Pepperdine Live Stream College Basketball Watch noW ▻▻ tcoqdBQCCwsmN Watch noW ▻▻ tcoqdBQCCwsmN  secs ago  BYU vs Pepperdine Live College Basket
University of Portland  Men's Basketball  University of Portland

BYU Men's Basketball vs BYU Portland Ore  PM Live Video Live Audio Live Stats Tickets Feb  Pepperdine Men's Basketball at Pepperdine Malibu Calif  PM Live Video Live Audio Live Stats Tickets Mar  WCC Championships Men's Basketball vs WCC Championships Las Vegas Nev Live Video
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Dries Buytaert: A Drupal distribution configurator

Drupal.org aggregator - Thu, 02/22/2018 - 14:11

Today, Commerce Guys shared a new initiative for Drupal Commerce. They launched a "Drupal Commerce distribution configurator": a web-based UI that generates a composer.json file to build a version of Drupal Commerce that is tailored to an evaluator's needs. The ability to visually configure your own distribution or demo is appealing. I like the idea of a distribution configurator for at least three reasons: (1) its development could lead to improvements to Drupal's Composer-based workflow, which would benefit all of Drupal, (2) it could help make distributions easier to build and maintain, which is something I'm passionate about, and last but not least, (3) it could grow into a more polished Drupal evaluator tool.

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OSTraining: How to Use the New Media Module Features in Drupal

Drupal.org aggregator - Thu, 02/22/2018 - 12:35

Since the release of Drupal 8.4 in late 2017, Drupal has contained new media handling features.

For many years, Drupal has shipped with almost no media handling. This was the most commonly requested feature whenever we did Drupal training.

In this tutorial, we'll walk you through how to use Drupal's new media options. We'll update this post as soon as Drupal 8.5 is available.

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Leganes vs Real Madrid 2018 Live Streaming

Drupal News - Thu, 02/22/2018 - 12:02

Leganes vs Real Madrid 2018 Live Streaming

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[Watch/TV]** Arsenal vs Ostersunds 2018 Live On Free (UEFA Europa League)

Drupal News - Thu, 02/22/2018 - 11:36

[Watch/TV]** Arsenal vs Ostersunds 2018 Live On Free (UEFA Europa League)....[Watch/TV]** Arsenal vs Ostersunds 2018 Live On Free (UEFA Europa League)

Watch Now : UEFA Europa League 2018 Live On Free [Click HERE]

Arsenal vs Ostersunds FK  Europa League: Team news and live score    

6 mins ago   Arsenal vs Ostersunds FK  Europa League: Team news and live score updates     Neither of the sides has actually played since their meeting last week  with Ostersunds still in their domestic pre season and Arsenal out of the FA Cup  Welcome to     Arsenal FC (@Arsenal) February 22  2018  7:01PM    
Arsenal vs Ostersunds FK live stream: Watch Europa League online

1 hour ago   Mainly  I expect to see Sead Kolasinac finally returned to a starting spot that has been so foolishly denied him  despite opportunities to get him back into the game  Anyway  enough jib jab  here are all the ways to watch and listen: Next: Arsenal vs Ostersunds FK Predicted XI  Date: 22 February  2018
Arsenal vs Ostersund live stream: Watch Europa League online  TV   

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Elevated Third: WATCH E3 Takeaways: Drupal 8 Works for SaaS

Drupal.org aggregator - Thu, 02/22/2018 - 11:29
WATCH E3 Takeaways: Drupal 8 Works for SaaS WATCH E3 Takeaways: Drupal 8 Works for SaaS Zach Ettelman Thu, 02/22/2018 - 12:29

In this edition of E3 Takeaways Business Development Strategist, Zach, talks Drupal 8 and why its flexible workflows, ability to integrate, and internationalization suite of modules work so well for the SaaS industry.



Hello there, I'm Zach Ettelman, Business Development Strategist here at Elevated Third. Today I'm going to talk about why Drupal is a good fit for software as a service companies. 


Takeaway #1: The old adage "content is king" is not dead and that means companies are still having to create a ton of content. With so many content cooks in the kitchen that means there are many approval layers to even get the smallest piece of content onto your site. Thanks to Drupal's content authorization workflow, we can personalize and customize it to meet the needs of your team. 


Takeaway #2: In today's digital world, virtually every SaaS organization is serving an international audience. Thanks to Drupal 8's internationalization suite of modules, we can now translate and localize content based on where the product's services are available for your offerings. 


Takeaway #3: SaaS companies leverage a multitude of tools in their digital arsenal to get daily business operations done, including CRM, marketing automation tools, and inventory management tools. Drupal 8 specifically is built API first making it easy to handle all these third-party integrations. Thanks to contributed modules and custom modules, we can keep up with your daily business operations and connect them to your digital website. 

Need more about Drupal 8? Download our D8 whitepaper. 

Download asset
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[Watch-Free] Arsenal vs Ostersunds FK Europa League Live Stream (UEFA) Online Soccer 2018

Drupal News - Thu, 02/22/2018 - 11:11

[Live Stream Free ] Arsenal vs Ostersunds FK Europa League Live Stream (UEFA) Online Soccer 2018.[FREE-TV] Arsenal vs Ostersunds FK Europa League Live Stream (UEFA) Online Soccer 2018..[FREE-TV] Arsenal vs Ostersunds FK Europa League Live Stream (UEFA) Online Soccer 2018

Watch NOW: Arsenal VS Östersunds FK Live Match

Arsenal v Ostersunds FK: Live stream Europa League football online    

Arsenal v Ostersunds FK: Live stream Europa League football online or watch on TV with BT Sport      Arsenal host Ostersunds FK in the second leg of their Europa League last-32 tie on Thursday night, with the game exclusively live on BT Sport 

Arsenal vs Ostersunds FK: Europa League prediction, TV, live streaming, start time, team news, line-ups, head to head, betting tips and odds      Arsenal are on the verge of the last 16 of the Europa League as they welcome Ostersunds FK to north London for the second leg of their    

The TV, live streaming and radio listings are legal broadcasts of Arsenal - Östersunds FK in United States  Authentication or subscription with a TV, ISP or streaming provider may be required  Please note that not all channels are available to watch online  If available online, we will link to the official stream    

[Live@] Arsenal vs Östersunds FK 2018 Live Stream Coverage Online Soccer Tv  Click Here To Watch Arsenal vs Östersunds FK Full Match Online Free Click Here To Watch Arsenal vs Östersunds FK Full Match Online Free  Server <1> http:  4kstreamvideos com watch-soccer-free-online-hd-stream  Server    

Europa League match Arsenal vs Ostersunds (22 Feb 2018)  Preview and stats followed by live commentary, video highlights and match report      Europa League - Round of 32  Arsenal vs Ostersunds FK; 8:05pm Thursday 22nd February; Emirates Stadium    

Live!@!!Arsenal vs Oestersunds FK (LIVE) 2018, Streaming Click Here>> http:  livesoccertvus blogspot com  Click Here>>   

ARSENAL will be hoping for a similarly dominant performance when they host Swedish outfit Ostersunds FK in the second leg of their Europa League  The Gunners eased to a 3-0 victory at the Jamtkraft Arena, with Nacho Monreal and Mesut Ozil among the goalscorers  Arsene Wenger could rest some key    

 Day 7 of the Doodle Snow Games! About 6,260,000 results (0 42 seconds) Search Results Östersund vs Arsenal UEFA Europa League · tomorrow, 12:00 AM Östersund Arsenal VS Round of 32 · Leg 1 of 2  Fri, 2 23 2:05 AM UEFA Europa League · Round of 32 · Leg 2 of 2  Aggregate: 0 - 0  Arsenal

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Lullabot at DrupalCon Nashville

Lullabot - Thu, 02/22/2018 - 10:45

It's official! Eleven Lullabots will be descending upon Nashville in April to deliver single presentations or provide insights as panelists. Some will even be doing both. If you're heading to Music City, USA for DrupalCon, we hope you will check out the following sessions:

Managing Your Most Important Resource: You

Speaker: Chris Albrecht, Senior Developer at Lullabot

Session Track: Being Human

Synopsis: Learn how to navigate the Drupal community with focus, reduced stress, well-managed time, and improving your mental and physical health. Chris will also share the lessons he's learned along the way as a long-time member of the community.

Continuous Integration Has Never Been So Easy

Speakers: Juampy NR, Senior Developer at Lullabot & Andrew Berry, Senior Technical Architect at Lullabot

Session Track: DevOps

Synopsis: Having participated in the implementation of continuous integration of every Lullabot project over the past few years, Juampy and Andrew will show you tools you can use in your development workflow and explain how to make a business case for continuous integration to your non-technical stakeholders.

Decoupled Drupal Hard Problems

Speakers: Mateu Aguiló Bosch, Senior Developer at Lullabot

Session Track: Horizons

Synopsis: To help you better plan your decoupled projects and improve estimations, Mateu will share the hard problems he has uncovered while working on the API-first initiative and other professional decoupled Drupal projects.

Community Convos: Drupal Diversity & Inclusion

Panelists: Marc Drummond, Senior Front-End Developer at Lullabot; Nikki Stevens, Senior Drupal Engineer at Kanopi Studios; Alanna Burke, Developer at Chromatic; Fatima Sarah Khalid, Developer at Digital Echidna; Tara King, Developer at Universal Music Group

Session Track: Building Community

Synopsis: Get an overview of Drupal Diversity & Inclusion (DD&I), what the group's current and future initiatives are, and discuss how DD&I can continue to make the Drupal community a safe place.

You Matter More Than the Cause

Speaker: Jeff Eaton, Senior Digital Strategist at Lullabot

Session Track: Building Community

Synopsis: Doing work that really matters is a great thing, but the amount of energy you put into it can quickly lead to burnout. Eaton will talk about how inspiring missions can quickly backfire, how to spot the red flags and ways to protect you and your team.

Core Accessibility: Building Inclusivity into the Drupal Project

Panelists: Helena McCabe, Senior Front-End Developer at Lullabot;  Carie Fisher, Accessibility Lead & Front-End Developer at Hook 42; Mike Gifford, President at OpenConcept Consulting Inc.

Session Track: Core Conversations

Synopsis: Helena and her fellow panelists will discuss where accessibility is today in the Drupal 8 project and the out-of-the-box Umami theme project, and how to continue incorporating accessibility into future versions of Drupal.

Creating a PM Career Path Within the Drupal Community

Panelists: Darren Petersen, Senior Technical Project Manager at Lullabot;  Lynn Winter, Digital Strategist at lynnwintermn.com, Alex MacMillan, COO at ThinkShout; Joe Crespo, Director of Accounts at Aten Design Group; Stephanie El-Hajj, Project Manager at Amazee Labs

Session Track: Project Management

Synopsis: If you're a digital project manager or considering becoming one in the Drupal community, this group of panelists will share how they created their own unique career paths and the challenges they've encountered along the way. 

Decoupled Summit

Lullabot, Sally Young, and Matt Davis from Mediacurrent co-organized this first-ever DrupalCon summit that will bring together the best decoupled Drupal minds for a day of presentations and panels on this increasingly popular approach. Speakers will share their experiences, discuss areas of improvement, and talk about how to lower the barrier that currently exists when it comes to decoupling.

Lullabot Speakers & Panelists: Sally Young, Senior Technical Architect; Karen Stevenson, Director of Technology; Jeff Eaton, Senior Digital Strategist; Mateu Aguiló Bosch, Senior Developer; Wes Ruvalcaba, Senior Front-End Developer

And don't miss this training and session from our friends at Drupalize.Me: A New Help System for Drupal

Speaker: Amber Himes Matz, Production Manager and Trainer at Drupalize.Me

Session Track: Core Conversations

Synopsis: Surveys show that documentation is a top concern in Drupal. Amber will present the current state of the in-Drupal help system, share a proposed resolution for improvement, answer FAQs, and talk about what's next.

Training: Theming Drupal 8

Trainers: Joe Shindelar, Lead Developer and Lead Trainer at Drupalize.Me; Amber Himes Matz, Production Manager and Trainer at Drupalize.Me

Synopsis: Based on the Drupalize.Me Drupal 8 Theming Guide, Joe will give you a better understanding of how Drupal's theme system works through presentations and hands-on exercises.

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Hook 42: January Accessibility (A11Y) Talks

Drupal.org aggregator - Thu, 02/22/2018 - 10:42

In January, we were happy to have Ashley Bischoff as our guest speaker. Ashley talked about embracing plain language for better accessibility. Ashley is an accessibility expert and copy editor for The Paciello Group.

Writing reports and documentation is nothing new for many of us — we write them all the time. But even though we may do our best to write clearly, those who receive our reports and documentation might not be as familiar with accessibility as we are.

At the end of the day, no matter how technically correct a document may be, our words won't do much good if those who are reading them can't understand what we're trying to say. But writing isn't a black box — there are straightforward techniques that we can use to help ensure that our writing remains accessible.


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