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Using TypeScript with React

Echo JS - Wed, 02/13/2019 - 04:28
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Recycle your HTML code

Echo JS - Wed, 02/13/2019 - 04:28
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When I started writing PHP... - larry@garfieldtech.com

Planet PHP - Tue, 02/12/2019 - 17:46
When I started writing PHP...

I don't know exactly when I started writing PHP. It was shortly after the start of my second quarter of my freshman year of college, when a newly-met friend of mine introduced me to PHP as an easier to understand alternative to Perl. That puts it, I think, somewhere in January or February of 1999.

20 years ago, give or take a week. I have been writing PHP for two decades. That's more than half my lifetime. I feel old.

I thought it would be amusing (mostly at my expense) to look back a bit on just how much the PHP world has changed in the last two decades.

Larry 12 February 2019 - 7:46pm
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What’s new in Angular: Angular 8 beta is here

InfoWorld JavaScript - Tue, 02/12/2019 - 17:30

Angular 8.0, a forthcoming upgrade to Google’s popular framework now in beta release, will feature Ivy, a new renderer. Google also has fleshed out additional features planned for Angular 8.0, including better loading for JavaScript code.

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